Pointhaven Offshore Consulting, is dedicated to providing clients with advice and assistance on all offshore financial considerations. Whilst there are any number of Independent Financial Advisors, who are aligned to banks or financial institutions, there are very few who are 100% focused on clients offshore financial requirements. Often Financial  Advisors attempt to address all of their client needs, providing investment advice, life insurance cover , disability cover, short term insurance, healthcare insurance, estate planning, business insurance etc. However, the extent of knowledge required for each area  can be extensive and often advisors spread themselves too thinly, compromising quality.

Given the level of expertise required for truly efficient offshore advice, Pointhaven is committed to providing highly specialised independent advice on a range of offshore solutions.  With over 50 years of specific offshore expertise and experience at clients’ disposal, Pointhaven provides unrivaled, bespoke, independent financial planning. We seek to fully  understand your current circumstances, and future goals ,and  then provide advice on how to structure your affairs in the most optimal manner. Through a detailed financial fact find, your advisor can guide you through all relevant considerations and together with you can decide on areas of importance and highlight those areas where particular focus is most required.


Our personalised service ensures that our clients can rest assured that they are getting the best advice relevant to their specific offshore needs.

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